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Located at the heart of culturally rich and prosperous land is our Thanthai Roever Institute of Agriculture and Rural Development in an area of 51.97 ha(128.4 acres) for the practical training and clear understanding of the agriculture. The long Cherished need for Agriculture Education is met at our premises as our’s is built on strengths and interdisciplinary research. Today’s Indian agriculture needs highly competent & multidisciplinary human resource, hence St John Sangam Trust created our institution started to offer courses in Diploma in Agriculture during the year 1994, later Diploma in Horticulture was started during 2001 and B.Sc.(Agri) degree course during 2008 to meet the demand of the society with the highly competent innovation, competitiveness & proper research. We offer a stimulating and unique learning environment that develops and encourages our students to achieve their future dreams.


To thrive as a standard, innovative, competitive and most successful Institution by offering valuable and vibrant courses to serve the society.



Principal's Desk

Prof. Dr. K. Valliappan

Prof. Dr. K. Valliappan is a renowned Soil and Environmental Scientist and retired Professor from the Department of Environmental Sciences, Tamil Nadu Agricultural University, Coimbatore. He was born on 11.03.1960 in a small village Yembal, Pudukkottai District, Tamil Nadu.
He rendered a glorious service of about 32 years in different capacities at various campuses of the prestigious Tamil Nadu Agricultural University with a very good experience in Teaching, Research and Extension. He graduated from Annamalai University, Chidambaram for his four years B.Sc. (Ag.) degree programme in 1982.
He completed his Post Graduation in 1988 and Doctorate in 1999 in Agriculture in the discipline of Soil Science and Agricultural Chemistry at the Tamil Nadu Agricultural University.

The contributions of Dr. K. Valliappan in his Professional career at TNAU:

The Thanthai Roever Institute of Agriculture and Rural Development (TRIARD) is proud of having such a wonderful and knowledgeable personality as Principal from 02.07.2020.

Chairman's Desk

Dr K.Varadharaajen

B.A., B.L.,
For over 50 years, St.John Sangam Trust has been deeply involved in social development and empowerment through education and social welfare activities in Perambalur district in Tamil Nadu, South India. In memory of our Reverend Fr. Hans Roever, and his vision, the trust is engaged in uplifting the economically backward district of Perambalur through affordable education for poor students and through social welfare and development activities for poor families under the auspices of Roever Educational and Social Developmental Institutions.
Roever is now synonymous with quality education and sustainable social empowerment. While our belief in universal education is slowly empowering rural communities throughout many generations, I would like to highlight the immediate needs of the socially and developmentally challenged rural poor, who have no community or government support.
Roever Social Development unit focuses on the young and the old, physically and mentally challenged, women and children, healthy and sick people in and around Perambalur. Its main goal is to provide for and empower those who are not able to take care of themselves. Our staff provides a whole range of services such as home for orphans, physically and visually challenged, short – stay home for women and girls, old age home, a rehabilitation centre for alcohol and drug addicts and disability rehabilitation centre.
Roever is also deeply committed to the United Nations Millennium Development Goals (MDG) in areas such as poverty and hunger eradication, providing universal primary education, promoting gender equality and empowering women, reducing child mortality, improving maternal health, efforts to reduce HIV / AIDS, ensuring environmental sustainability.
Roever Institutions and its dedicated staff continue to expand and provide better services to the marginalized people in society to empower them.