Let’s shape

The future of farming

with an aim to convert student resource into a vaccine that strengthens the backbone of our valuable Nation

Welcome to TRIARD

Be the part of India’s largest industry, agriculture, by gain highly valued leadership, research and problem-solving skills for you to set yourself a successful career in the field of agriculture. Stand ahead by qualifying with one of our accredited courses.
Agriculture is the backbone of the Indian economy, with more than 65 per cent of our population depending on agriculture. If you are planning to maintain natural resources or reduce the impacts of climate change or protect endangered wildlife, then our programs will help to equip you with the skills to shape a more sustainable future because we believe that the development of interest among students in agriculture has much to do with the economic welfare of our country.

Why Choose Us?

We impart quality education in the field of agriculture to increase quality food production and make agriculture viable

Experimental labs

The laboratory demands of the course are met with exclusive laboratories available to experiment and develop the research in agriculture.

Life experience

Our speciality is that students can experience the complete relevant work experience to gain essential experience through all seasons.

Digital Library

Here the traditional farm is supported with the digital, modern computerized Library which has more than Thirty thousand books covering all areas

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Agricultural education through the unique and latest research, training and transfer of technology. Get an inside look at how student life unfolds & read and learn about student clubs.